Day 79 -- English Inspiration Breakthrough

First thing's first, check out my backdated Day 75 for pictures of Daejeon, including an example of how ridiculously NOT politically correct Korea is.

Now then. There is actually nothing particularly noteworthy about today, but whatever. I warned you.

In school, most of my classes are full of sweet kids that either respect me or admire me, depending on the gender. Lessons with them are always full of enthusiasm so it's easy to enjoy my job and get that feeling of fulfillment. However, three classes are just hell. They have a lower level of English, so you can use that as an excuse (class is harder for them, no motivation, etc) but instead of just struggling in the class, they always act up. It makes it harder on them to enjoy the class if they refuse to pay attention but I guess they haven't made that connection yet. Lessons that go over amazingly well are complete bombs with these three classes.


Today, I brought in my spare webcam (my new laptop has one built-in) and I set up Skype. A few of my classes were able to "meet" my sister and my brother, including one of the three hellish classes. I don't know if it was that interaction where English wasn't a tedious subject but rather a means of communication or if the planets just happened to be aligned correctly, but this terrible class--previously tied for WORST BEHAVED EVER--ate up this week's lesson. So much energy, so much enthusiasm, it was fantastic.

Maybe I just need to figure out what will motivate my other two sluggish classes and that'll finally get them engaged, but for now I'm incredibly pleased that I managed to inspire a group of students to realize English isn't just something they should study for school. It's a global language that will help them succeed OUTSIDE of the classroom and professional setting.

Aww, feel-good moment! Group hug!


Karlie said...

MEEE! I wana see ur schtoodents!!! But the first problem wuld b... I don't remember my Skype username. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Me too! I just need to sign up for skype. But I can speak korean with them zomg. Maybe if they see foreigners are trying to learn their language, they'll be more excited lol. I dunno how to motivate students x.x; Sucks that you have to deal with that. It's not all you, you know. NE WAYS I met up with my conversation partner today and shes like: I need to take you out and teach you some Korean drinking games. I thought of you :P

BRB, Korea! said...

Haha I'm glad that Korean drinking games remind you of me... hahaha <3