Day 736 - Global Korea

I didn't realize Koreans hated Americans that much, but apparently they do. Movie marketers have chosen to drop the "Captain America" title from the movie "Captain America: The First Avenger", calling it instead just "The First Avenger". I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know if they change the translation of the characters name to something other than "Captain America".

Three countries changed the title: Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea. Russia I can understand, but then again, if you have a gripe with America, why would you even show the movie? The entire movie is basically just America bro-fisting itself.

So why would Korea change the title? Is there that much anti-American sentiment that including "CAPTAIN AMERICA" in the title is going to turn off movie-goers? If they dislike America that much, then they're probably going to have to storm out of the theater.

I guess it just really riles me up because Korea is pretty nationalistic. For example, the figure skater Yeona Kim is treated like a princess, they STILL show reruns of the Korean national baseball team's winning games, and everyone's still in a frenzy about winning the 2018 winter Olympic bid. Those are all great things. Wonderful even. But they're taken to the point of fanaticism.

Then America makes a movie about an American propaganda character and they can't even use the title? It's not faaaaaiiiiirrrr (must read in the most whiny voice possible, because that's how it was in my head.)